getting stuck on other deal sites is just a bad idea

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Browse deals from some of your favorite local businesses.  Know that every deal you purchase has an expiration date on it and why not purchase your deal before you miss out on the opportunity to get one of their limited deals. 


Print your deal from the email sent to you with a pdf of the coupon.  It will be a seperate email beyond your receipt.  


Redeem your deal by giving them the printed coupon or showing them the code on the coupon on your phone.  Know that you are supporting local businesses in the process by bringing them your business.


Get the products and food you love, while keeping money in your pocket.  You are being given the ability to double your lifestyle with all of the ways to save here at Avid.Deals.  


After I found out about Avid Deals, I visited Lickity Split in New Holland with a voucher. Not only did I save 50% off of the meal, I got to enjoy one of the many great places to eat that are on the website. Now my wife and I can eat at our local favorites or even try new restaurants + save money!

M Stoltzfus

I love the site, I will be checking the site for more deals.   

G Becker

I really like avid deals...it is a super easy way to save money at businesses. Just buy the deal and show your coupon at the time of purchase ....again super quick easy way to save lots.

J Gehman

We may have met before.

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