Promo was not applied at checkout

If a customer forgot to apply the promo code, or they did not know to have a certain amount of items in their cart at the time of purchase we can do the following


make sure all items in their Order are in the collection. Easiest way is to click on the product in the order and see if it has the collection's tag on the bottom right in the collections section. 

  • if one of the items is not a part of the collection, let them know and that if they go ahead and place another order with the product, we can issue a refund at the end of day and make sure to include the reason in the notes in the order under the comments at the bottom and under their customer page in the comments as well:
    • Good morning Diane,
      The current promo code only applies to items in the Winter Collection. Currently, on Order #30724, Sensenig Poultry is not part of the collection so the promo code will not apply. 
      If you choice to purchase $20 more worth of items from the Winter Collection to receive the promo, just place another order and let us know by replying to this email and we can refund the 40% off the eligible items by the end of day or tomorrow morning during business hours, when your payment has settled.
      Hope this helps!
    • Comments example: “Customer reached out via email. Attempted to use promo "WINTER21" for 40% off with Order #30724 but 2 items were not part of the Winter Collection. This is second order. Issuing refund to reflect the promo”
  • If it is for a free item, ask them what item in the collection they would like and create a new order for the item for 100% discount and include the reason in the notes
    • Hey there Mahlon,
      In order for the promo to be applied, you must have 3 items from this collection in your cart. This rule goes for all promos (if it’s buy 2, get 2 free you must have a total of 4 in your cart etc). Please make sure the promo is showing in your cart before you pay and if it doesn’t you can always reach out to us and we’ll usually reply right away!
      Please let me know the item in this collection you would like and we can process this for you free of charge to reflect the promo!
    • “Customer reached out via Tawk. did not have enough items in the cart for B2G1 free promo to apply. Issuing free voucher to reflect promo code AVIDb2g1.