Vendor did not honor discount

We must have as much detail as possible and give us time to resolve this issue for them. Below is an example. Let them know it will take 1-3 business days to contact the owner and investigate on their behalf and we will reach out to them with a resolution as soon as possible. Let them know they vendors appreciate their business and they are usually very willing to help resolve any issues for them. 


Are you referring to the Pretzel Hut purchases you made on Order #25125? Pretzel Hut has been a long time AvidDeals vendor and we have not had any issues as to them honoring vouchers even during COVID restrictions. Based on our refund policy, because vendors are contractually obligated to honor the vouchers they choose to put on our site, there is no refund on our behalf but we do help you resolve this kind of issue. May I have more information please to investigate this for you?

- Do you have the name of the cashier helping you at the time of your visit?
- Did they give a reason for why they would not honor your voucher? Did you meet the $20 minimum purchase stipulation for this voucher?
- Did you hand them a printed voucher or did you attempt to redeem the vouchers electronically via your AvidDeals wallet or email?
Please answer the above so we can contact the vendor on your behalf to resolve this for you!